I am self-taught when it comes to web development and design. What I can do, I taught myself and professionalized this through internships.

I write valid HTML5+, S/CSS and JavaScript, basic functions in PHP or Node.js are no problem for me, as well as handling vector programs like Affinity Designer, in which I develop basic concepts.

I use modern and fast databases like MariaDB and I am very familiar with the versioning tool Git.

I work with different frameworks, content management systems, databases and more:

ReactJavaScript-Framework React
Next.jsReact Framework Next.js
Framework Alpine.js
Node.jsJavaScript Backend Node.js
MongoDBCSS-Framework Tailwind.css
JQuery.jsFramework JQuery.js
BootstrapFramework Bootstrap
WordpressCMS Wordpress
MongoDBDatabase MongoDB
Node.jsWeb-Backend PHP

Don't know what that means? Write me a Mail and I'll explain what suits you best. šŸ„³

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